Publications & Dissemination Events


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Dissemination Events

  1. JURIX 2018, 11 Dec 2018, University of Groningen, Netherlands. Workshop organized by Virkar, S., Novak, A.S., Alexopoulos, C., Charalabidis, Y., Loutsaris, M.A., Title: "Examining the Technical, Legal and Ethical Implications of Improved Access to Legal Information Using Supercomputing Technology: The ManyLaws Project".
  2. IRIS 2019, 23 Feb 2019, Salzburg, Austria. Workshop organized by AUP and DUK.
  3. AAIC 2019, 27 May 2019, Vienna, Austria. Workshop organized by DUK and AUP.
  4. ADV EGOV Konferez 2019, 26 June 2019, Vienna, Austria. ManyLaws Project Presentation by DUK.
  5. SamosSummit2019, 1 July 2019, Samos, Greece. Workshop organized by DUK and INTRA.
  6. EGOV-CeDEM-ePart 2019, 2 September 2019, San Benedetto Del Trento, Italy. Workshop organized by DUK, INTRA, UAEGEAN, AUP.
  7. LEX 2019 Summer School, 14 September 2019, Perugia, Italy. Presentation by AUP and DUK.
  8. LEX 2019 Summer School, 16-17 September 2019, Perugia, Italy. Participation to Akoma Ntoso Developers Workshop by INTRA.
  9. ReMeP 2019, 24 September 2019, Vienna, Austria. Workshop organized by AUP, DUK.
  10. EU DataViz 2019, Luxembourg, Luxembourg. Participation, Networking, Interaction with European Data Portal by INTRA.
  11. ICEGOV 2020, Athens, Greece. Workshop accepted to be organized by DUK, INTRA, UAEGEAN.