Targeted Services

Data on laws produced by the EU, and at least by Austria and Greece, from 1990 to 2020, will be annotated, linked and transformed into structured open datasets with the use of supercomputing resources. The data covered will include: law titles, subjects, publication reference, dates of publication, keywords, article numbers (structure), and references to other laws.

The portal will be on the requirements to be harvested by the Open Data Greece portal of the Ministry of Administrative Reconstruction and by the Open Government Data portal Austria.

In particular, ManyLaws aims to facilitate the following services:

  • Search in parallel many EU member state legal frameworks using simple keywords (through parallel translation of search terms)

  • Monitor the degree of transposition of an EU directive in a national legal framework

  • Indicate relevant national legislation and monitor the status of transpositions

  • Analyse references to the European legislation by national laws

  • Compare analysis of equivalent or relevant laws from different EU member states

  • Compare analysis of connected laws from the same member state

  • Visualise the progress and current status of a speci c national or European legislation (after amendment/extensions) over time including preparatory acts and agreements, interrelation of laws and news or social media posts, including sentiment analysis, various geo-related visualisations

  • Visualise correlations, dependencies and con icts between different laws and decision support services (e.g. impact assessment) within legal procedures

  • Processing and semantic analysis of multilingual legal documents (English, Greek, German) to allow comparison and alignment services