ARIS High Performance Computer supporting key ManyLaws services

Legal data and semantic annotation services through text mining are at the core of the ManyLaws project.

It is estimated that a pan-European legal database will contain more than 1 trillion words in 21 different languages, corresponding to about 10 million volumes of classical books. Moreover, another 5 000 such volumes will be included for study on a daily basis.

Given this vast amount of data about legislation, bills, case law, resolutions and decisions published in all EU Member States, and in their respective languages, analyzing it requires powers beyond that of a simple desktop computer: high performance computing is necessary.

To support this task, ManyLaws enlisted the help of a supercomputer, the Greek ARIS High Performance Computer. ARIS is capable of processing data much faster than your average computer: while a personal desktop would need ten hours to process 100 volumes of data, ARIS can complete the same task in just 5 minutes.

ARIS will ran ManyLaws’ legal data and semantic annotation services on the thin node island throughout the month of August 2020.