Successful ManyLaws workshop and live demonstration at Samos Summit 2020

On 15 July, in the context of the 10th Samos Summit on ICT-enabled Governance, ManyLaws organized an online scenario-based workshop, including a live demonstration of the initial release features of the ManyLaws platform.

The workshop was chaired by the project’s Technical Coordinator Dr. Sofia Tsekeridou (Intrasoft International), while all project partners contributed to its success.

The ManyLaws platform is a sophisticated retrieval and search portal for legal data that will facilitate access to legal information for citizens and businesses alike, as well as improve the effectiveness of decision-making in legislative practices. The platform capitalizes on the integration of open legal data sources (Austrian, Greek, European laws), legal text mining and automated standards-based metadata extraction (structural and semantic). Automated translation as well as interactive and intuitive visualizations of the retrieved data, will make the platform appealing and easy to use for a broad audience.

The complete platform will be live at the end of September 2020.