3.5 years in 20 days

In 2020, the Greek supercomputer, ARIS, supported ManyLaws with generating more than 11 million datasets now available on the portal.

As our societies continue to digitalise, with larger and larger amounts of data constantly being generated, high-performance computing (HPC), or supercomputing, has emerged as a key tool to address data-intensive tasks. Legal information published by EU Member States in their respective languages amounts to vast amounts of data that are far beyond the capacity of a simple desktop computer to analyse.

From May to November 2020, ManyLaws enlisted the help of the Greek ARIS High-Performance Computer to process and annotate a large number of legal documents from Greece, Austria and the European Union.

Boasting 40 cores per node (compared to 8 cores per node in a standard computer), ARIS can process data 60 times faster than a desktop computer. This meant that the output achieved in 20 days with ARIS would have taken 1200 days, almost 3.5 years, with a regular computer.

The ManyLaws applications ran for 188 hours on the ARIS HPC system, and generated a total of 11,363,596 datasets now available on the ManyLaws portal.