On 18 and 19 March 2021, ManyLaws will organise a final online workshop where participants will get the opportunity to access, interact with and evaluate the ManyLaws portal.

Aiming to facilitate access to legal information and improve the effectiveness of legislative decision-making, the ManyLaws portal provides advanced search, retrieval and visualization of legal data from three European legal contexts: Greece (Greek laws and parliamentary data), Austria (Austrian laws and parliamentary data) and Europe (EUR-Lex data).

The workshop will take place in German on 18 March; in Greek on 18 March; and in English on 19 March. Each workshop will include a live demonstration of the ManyLaws portal followed by hands-on participant interaction with its services and features.

Registrations are open until Monday 15 March 2021 at the registration links below. Participation will be confirmed on a first come first serve basis.

Workshop in German, 18 March 11.00-12.30 CET – register here

Workshop in Greek, 18 March 16.00-17.30 EET – register here

Workshop in English, 19 March 12.00-13.30 CET – register here