Insights from ManyLaws’ first piloting phase

The final release of the ManyLaws platform is fast approaching! Feedback from stakeholders during the first piloting phase provided the development team with key input for the optimisation and fine-tuning of the prototype over the coming months.

From 18 December 2020 to 15 January 2021, ManyLaws engaged in the first of two piloting phases to test the platform before its final launch in Spring this year.

ManyLaws to be harvested by the European Data Portal

Making legal information broadly available and easily accessible are key priorities for the ManyLaws project. These efforts will be reinforced by the European Data Portal’s harvesting of ManyLaws data, starting in January 2021.

The European Data Portal (EDP) was launched in 2015 to gather the metadata of Public Sector Information available on public data portals across European countries. Its overall aim is to increase the impact of open data by making it easy to find and re-use by everyone, paving the way for the EU as a role model for a society empowered by data.


On December 15th 2020, 10:00-14:00 CET, ManyLaws will organise an online workshop as part of the platform’s ongoing piloting phase. The interactive workshop will take place in three languages (English, German and Greek) and will engage with the audience to receive feedback on the first release features of the platform. The workshop will start with an introduction to the ManyLaws project, after which the audience will be invited to test the platform’s key services and evaluate their experience. The workshop’s speakers include: Dr. Sofia Tsekeridou, INTRASOFT International S.A., Greece Dr.