Successful ManyLaws workshop and live demonstration at Samos Summit 2020

On 15 July, in the context of the 10th Samos Summit on ICT-enabled Governance, ManyLaws organized an online scenario-based workshop, including a live demonstration of the initial release features of the ManyLaws platform.

The workshop was chaired by the project’s Technical Coordinator Dr. Sofia Tsekeridou (Intrasoft International), while all project partners contributed to its success.

ARIS High Performance Computer supporting key ManyLaws services

Legal data and semantic annotation services through text mining are at the core of the ManyLaws project.

It is estimated that a pan-European legal database will contain more than 1 trillion words in 21 different languages, corresponding to about 10 million volumes of classical books. Moreover, another 5 000 such volumes will be included for study on a daily basis.

ManyLaws Workshop at online Samos Summit 2020

The ManyLaws Project is one of the co-organizers of the 10th Samos Summit on ICT-enabled Governance, which will take place online 13-15 July 2020. Focusing on the newest developments of ICT applications in the areas of digital governance, the conference offers a unique opportunity to interact with and influence cutting-edge Information and Communication Technologies research projects and initiatives.